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Author: Tripp, Paul David
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CURSO DE FORMACIÓN TEOLÓGICA EVANGÉLICA  Volumen 3:   El Hombre, Su Grandeza y Su Miseria.. CFTE 3- Man: Grandeur & Misery
Author: Lacueva, Francisco

ISBN: 8472282570 (9788472282575)


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Génesis 3: Estudio Devocional y Expositivo Genesis 3, a Devotional Study
Author: Young, E.J.

ISBN: 1848710526 (9781848710528)

The interpretation of chapter 3 of Genesis is crucial to our understanding of the Bible and the Christian gospel. It was, the Fall; really a stage in the emancipation and evolution of man? It is the story of the sin of Adam and Eve just a parable that describes how men and women do not reach their highest aspirations?

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El Mito de una Sociedad sin Dios (pasta dura) The Myth of a Society w/o God
Author: Tournier, Paul

ISBN: 8482671030 (9788482671031)

The book analyzes the root causes of the evils that afflict our world and poses a solution based on Christian principles and the right balance between sin and sickness.

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Sociología: Una Desmitificación - un análisis cristiano del pensamiento sociologico moderno (FLET) Sociology
Author: Cruz, Antonio

ISBN: 8482672592 (9788482672595)

Sometimes, in this world full of different ideas, it seems as if Christians are swimming against the current. All of the postmodern ideas we hear and see on television and in books do influence us. They also influence our loved ones. It is critical that we seek correct answers centered on the Bible. Dr. Cruz compares the philosophies of 10 well-known sociologists with the truth of Scripture.

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Cómo Entender el Hombre y el Pecado - Una de las siete partes tomada de la Teología Sistemática Making Sense of Man and Sin
Author: Grudem, Wayne

ISBN: 0829764941 (9780829764949)

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Creados a la Imagen de Dios Created in the Image of God
Author: Hoekema, Anthony

ISBN: 1558832319 (9781558832312)

No English Description Available

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  "That those which have union with Christ, are justified from all their sins, past, present, and to come, by the blood of Christ; which justification we conceive to be a gracious and free acquittance of a guilty, sinful creature, from all sin by God, through the satisfaction that Christ has made by His death; and this applied in the manifestation of it through faith." - 1644 London Baptist Confession of Faith    
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