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Author: Tripp, Paul David
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Reforming Marriage

Author: Wilson, Doug

Publisher: Publicaciones Faro de Gracia
Qty on hand: 737

How would you describe the spiritual atmosphere of your home? The source of this scent is the relationship between husband and wife. Some may pretend extremely who keep the commandments of God, but what you can not fake is the spiritual fragrance that pleases God. Most books on the subject of marriage address only external things without addressing core issues, but Pastor Wilson teaches that godly marriages come from an obedient heart, motivated by the desire to glorify God rather than pursue happiness in the house
  "That God as He is in Himself, cannot be comprehended of any but himself, dwelling in that inaccessible light, that no eye can attain unto, whom never man saw, nor can see; that there is but one God, one Christ, one Spirit, one Faith, one Baptism; one rule of holiness and obedience for all Saints, at all times, in all places to be observed." - 1644 London Baptist Confession of Faith    
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