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Author: Tripp, Paul David
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First the Foundation

Author: Kaufmann, Stephen

Publisher: Publicaciones Faro de Gracia
Qty on hand: 144

The time is ripe for teachers in Christian schools to confront the spirit of secularism, so rampant in western culture, with a gospel-based, Christ-centered message. At stake are the hearts and minds of all students in our schools that God has put in our care. Will teachers be ready to offer students another way to see themselves as belonging to Christ as his agents rather than the agents of secularism? This booklet is dedicated to equipping teachers to take up their calling not only to be Christians, but also to teach as Christians before their students.
  "That God as He is in Himself, cannot be comprehended of any but himself, dwelling in that inaccessible light, that no eye can attain unto, whom never man saw, nor can see; that there is but one God, one Christ, one Spirit, one Faith, one Baptism; one rule of holiness and obedience for all Saints, at all times, in all places to be observed." - 1644 London Baptist Confession of Faith    
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